Da Liu Ren (大六壬) is one of Chinese divination methods and is considered as the highest China’s metaphysical art. This translates as Six Yang Waters Technique. It is said that if you have mastered Da Liu Ren, you will know what is the Asker's question without them asking.

The technique belongs to "Three Styles" (San shi 三式). The styles are:

  • Tai Yi (太乙) – used to divine global events
  • Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) – used for strategic, military actions
  • Da Liu Ren (大六壬) - used for daily events

LIURENOLOGY comes from the study (ology) of the Liu Ren method.

The Liu Ren charts are based on the Da Liu Ren course taught by Master Joseph Yu.

The guest visitor can plot the current time Liu Ren chart by clicking Chart.

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Chinese Metasoft provides a complete set of tools linked to comprehensive resources for producing professional Liu Ren charts. This online facility allows users to

  • to save time and money compared with manual plotting
  • learn about the subject in more depth
  • gain peace of mind in the knowledge that their important charts are safe.

Charts can be analysed, printed, emailed and saved for later use. Descriptions can be viewed in languages other than English and can be compared with an extensive Liu Ren library of other interesting examples. In addition, users can export saved charts to a spreadsheet and browse an FAQ section to gain knowledge from other people’s experience.

www.chinesemetasoft.com, www.liurenology.com is powered by Chinese Metasoft, to enable users to plot Ba Zi (Four Pillars of Destiny), Da Liu Ren, Qi Men Dun Jia, Tong Shu (Chinese Almanac, Chinese Calendar), Feng Shui Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Ze Ri (Date Selection) charts for different dates and times easily, quickly and automatically.


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